We have pledged to plant 1000 trees in the UK in 2022-23

Here at Daily Furniture

We take “get back to good” to heart, ensuring every aspect of our company serves both the wellbeing of our customers and the planet. That’s why for every single tree used to bring our pieces to life, we plant 3x the amount of trees. So, for each piece of furniture made, we not only offset the environmental impact, but are able to actively contribute to a more thriving wilderness all because of you!

Doing our part

We're committed to bringing you comfortable, affordable, and comprehensively sustainable furniture. More than a mission, Daily Furniture is a responsibility in action. It’s what we’re doing now to generate less waste and reduce carbon emissions through the materials we use and the packaging materials we choose.


Our planet’s future is dependent on the carbon capturing capacity of trees. In the UK, we need to plant 50-90 million trees per year to reach climate targets by 2050.

Wildlife and humans depend on trees for food and shelter - 80% of the Earth’s land biodiversity is found in forests.

More oxygen, cleaner air, fewer floods and cooler cities are some of the key benefits of trees.

The trees we use grow for an average of 30-40 years before becoming lumber.

Our commitment

Renewable Raw Material:

Made from more than 50% plant material, this eco-friendly construction offers the best of both worlds in terms green living and building efficiency.

Sustainable Sourcing:

The use of sustainable and ethical production methods is not only good for the environment, but also helps communities near our sources. The benefits associated with this approach include a guaranteed supply chain that ensures biodiversity remains intact while limiting any negative impacts on ecosystems or local populations' socioeconomic development.